The Weekly Fourcast Episode 42: All Vegans Are Liars, Eat Cum Everyday

August 22, 2015
"Another episode, another title with the word 'cum' in it...Stay classy Fourcast"

Some podcasts might ask the question "Do androids dream of electric sheep?", we here at The Weekly Fourcast, upholding our journalistic integrity, tackle the hard-hitting question "Do vegan girls swallow?". Our good friend and all-round great guy Sam Pelican joins us in this weeks episode. Ever wanted an episode of The Weekly Fourcast where it takes the entire episode to answer the '27 Questions brought to you by TwentySevenClub Clothing? Or 4 grown men (plus 1 Spelling Lord Elliot) attempt to spell the word "pedagogy"? Well you're in luck! Excitement! Fear! Veganism!? It's all round meaty fun!

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