It’s Dead Friends Dumb Dick Dalton Time!

July 21, 2017

"With eeehhhrms wide ehrpuuhhn!"

What up scumbaggerinos! Dalton here with you this time around. It's busy-time in Fourtown so we've had trouble nailing down times to meet up and record, so in lieu of a scintillating conversation as per usual here's 25 or so minutes of life from my weird 26 year old wank-brain.

Before we begin, big congrats to J-Mac for a successful run of shows in Darwin touring the Three Charming Dogs showcase alongside Brisbane (and podcast) comedy favourites Sam Bowden and Kaitlyn Rogers. Go show these guys heaps of love whenever and wherever possible!

Sit back and enjoy while I fill your ears with talk about celebrity suicides, the time I got lost in the scary woods (recently), and a bunch more.


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