The Weekly Fourcast Episode 43: Captain Planet Without Heart

August 29, 2015
"There's 'Norway' we could come up with a better episode title"

Blah, blah, blah. Special guest Rosie joins us this week. Blah, blah, blah, it's The Weekly Fourcast. 

The Week In Review: 

BONUS EPISODE - The Weekly MOREcast: What’s Your Dick Level?

August 26, 2015

"Not enough of The Weekly Fourcast in your life? Fix your diet with this special bonus episode!"

Special little bonus episode with guest Samstill Robert Ahhbhh Urrr Ugh? a.k.a Sam Pelican. A good portion of this episode is dedicated to discussing the dilemma of dickfist or fistdick, as well as the intricacies and responsibility of having such a powerful device. Honestly it sounds like we said the word "penis" for a little over half an hour, but damn is it funny. Oh we also discuss the news stories from last week.

Disclaimer: these bonus episodes won't be a consistent occurrence, so don't hold your breath!


The Weekly Fourcast Episode 42: All Vegans Are Liars, Eat Cum Everyday

August 22, 2015
"Another episode, another title with the word 'cum' in it...Stay classy Fourcast"

Some podcasts might ask the question "Do androids dream of electric sheep?", we here at The Weekly Fourcast, upholding our journalistic integrity, tackle the hard-hitting question "Do vegan girls swallow?". Our good friend and all-round great guy Sam Pelican joins us in this weeks episode. Ever wanted an episode of The Weekly Fourcast where it takes the entire episode to answer the '27 Questions brought to you by TwentySevenClub Clothing? Or 4 grown men (plus 1 Spelling Lord Elliot) attempt to spell the word "pedagogy"? Well you're in luck! Excitement! Fear! Veganism!? It's all round meaty fun!

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The Weekly Fourcast Episode 41: The Adventures Of Dog Rabbi

August 15, 2015
"Expect fluids"

We are joined by inter-dimensional, space time traveler and Fourcast friend - Josh Ross. In this episode we create our very own super-hero/villain 'Acid Man', discuss immersion breaking in pornography and the inevitable fruition of 'space racism'. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the trailer of THE BIG LEZ SHOW season 3 finale and D BongLordWe're bad poetry for your ears!

The Week Review:

The Weekly Fourcast Episode 40: Kaiju Donald Trump VS The City Of Tokyo

August 8, 2015

"Ask about Jerome's Shit Tier Gravy!"

It's our mid-life crisis podcast! We FINALLY have a female guest for an entire episode, and it's none other then our resident shadow dweller - MEGATRON.  A wide variety of topics are discussed including our attempts to not to be the Nickelback of podcasts, brawling, customer service stories, people being successful on heroin and Donald Trump.  Oh yeah and THE HAND THING. Unfortunately not much discussion on news stories this week, our bad. Get it in ya!

The Week In Review:
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The Weekly Fourcast Episode 39: Jamaican Sleeper Agent

August 1, 2015
"The only death inducing podcast on the Internet!

This week we're joined by the man with three first names and avid Fourcast listener - Mister Sean Anthony Ross! We talk about drones, workplace injuries, having Bruce Lee as your butler and a mutual friend of ours named 'Kurt'. Be sure to strap yourself in and prepare yourselves for another week of half-arsed news stories. Conversations were had! Jokes were made! Exclamation marks were inserted at the ends of sentences!!! 

The Week In Review: