The Weekly Fourcast Episode 38: Jackie So Hurt

July 25, 2015
"Politics maaaaaan."

If you thought we were NSFW before this episode, then you haven't heard nothing yet! This week we're happy to welcome the return of the self proclaimed "Australia's Filthiest Comedian" - Mr Nick Morgan Moore. Have ever wanted to hear four grown man-children talk about the following: Comic books? H.P Lovecraft? Matt Damon? News? Politics? And/or Assholes? Then you are in luck, this is your ideal podcast! If that doesn't entice you, Nick reveals his delicious and patented pizza recipe. Tell all your friends. Or not.

The Week In Review:

The Weekly Fourcast Episode 37: Skitzmix Infinity ft. Jarrad from The Big Lez Show

July 18, 2015


In case you haven't realised by the title of the episode, we're joined by a very special and talented guest - Jarrad the creator, animator and voice actor of The Big Lez Show! Good friend of the show J-Mac also makes an appearance too. We talk a lot about the creation process of the show, characters, the upcoming season 3 finale, connecting with nature and of course - tripping on psychedelics. If for some reason you're listening to us and haven't even seen or heard of The Big Lez Show, go watch it NOW!  

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The Weekly Fourcast Episode 36: We Make Chicks ‘Space Cum’

July 11, 2015
This episode is out of this woooorld! It's all your news for the week in just one (un)healthy dose! This week we're joined by up-and-coming cinematographer and 'petty criminal' Tom - drama ensues. We discuss Star Wars and the ways to possibly ruin the new movies, our fond memories of the Simpsons, what an Australian God would sound like and strangely - intergalactic intercourse. You can find Tom's Instagram here and his episodes of White Kids Talk About Rap Music - here.

The Week In Review:
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The Weekly Fourcast Episode 35: Invisible Jerk-off Man

July 4, 2015

We welcome the return of 'Mr Bad, Sad and Regrettable' - it's none other than Fourcast regular Sam! We talk about Sam's experience getting tasered, holding a firearm and using strawberry lube. As usual, we have all your news you need in one place, prepare yourselves. Also be sure to stick around until the end of the podcast for our big announcement!